Piano Mover

About The Piano Mover™

Rick Howard started moving pianos in his hometown of Watsonville California in 1978 while still in high school and started Howard's Piano Moving in 1981.  His story was the subject of an article in the Santa Cruz Weekly entitled "The Piano Mover".  In that article it was described how Rick becomes "utterly immersed in thought" during a move, or when he's previewing a location to plan a move.  He's often been asked what goes through his mind at that time, and knowing that explains what makes Rick different from other piano movers.

As the article says, a lot can go wrong with moving pianos, and there is a lot at stake.  Its not just the instrument itself which is a sizeable personal investment and can be easily damaged by even a small bump or drop.   It's also the home itself.   A wrong turn can punch a hole in a wall.   A mishap on stairs can be disastrous.  Hardwood floors can be easily damaged.

So there's a lot to think about.  For example:

Moving a piano is a complicated and technical task which demands a great deal of experience, an understanding of the balance and inertia of pianos, the proper equipment, and of course, plenty of strength.

As owner/operator, Rick is the one who not only plans the move, but participates in every move rather than sending a crew out who has not done the site survey themselves, or lacks the same experience.  What sets Rick apart is not just his decades of experience moving pianos in all sorts of situations, or his physical size and strength, its his care, pride, thoughtfulness, and calm, easy going demeanor.

Unlike regular house moves, which benefit from a fast moving crew, piano moving cannot be rushed.  It requires forethought and planning.   Not getting stressed is important — you end up rushing the move and that can be dangerous.   Occaisionally a move can take longer than expected. We take whatever time is necessary to move your piano with care.

Preparation is key.  Rick has an arsenal of special tools at his disposal designed specifically designed for moving pianos — ramps, blocks, tie-down straps, piano dollies and boards, and even a custom made electric stair climbing dolly, as well as cranes (when required).  Knowing what tools are required and where in the move is important.

To Rick, the Piano Mover, every move is different — different houses, different stairways or paths, different ways to set up the equipment.  There is no standard piano move.  Rick treats every piano move as a new project, including yours.